is the largest map of socio-cultural innovation in Latin America, a platform that documents and displays more than 5000 cultural and social initiatives

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From civics website:

«CIVICS is the first civic innovation map to be developed on a daily basis by citizens from across Ibero-America.

It is a digital, self-mapping tool in a geolocated address book format, where you can find and add all the civic innovation happening in our cities, locate their associated events and take part in them. CIVICS is the mapping tool that contains most condensed information on current civic innovation.

There are thousands of citizens who are working collectively to build a more habitable, sustainable, inclusive and participatory city. Before them, others did the same thing, demanding decent housing, mud-free streets, more communal spaces and basic services.

The spaces that appear on this map show the existence of a vibrant city that is often made invisible. Spaces and projects that aim to highlight the power of critical, active citizens who have created new environments of possibility, through self-management and participation.We are firmly committed to the opportunity generated by a citizen-built map as a mechanism for openness and encounter. Mapping that builds a story that is common to Ibero-American countries. A map which, by mapping, generates social impact.»

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Montera34 analyze and visualize data to understand urban, social and cultural transformations; develop software and build digital infrastructures to enhance collaboration; create production and meeting spaces, both temporary and permanent, to share technological learning, needs, doubts, data and analysis.

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