Data visualization of the flowering cycles of urban vegetation in Seville, part of «Jardín Cosmopolita», the fourth edition of the «Luces de Barrio» artistic intervention program.

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Dec 2018 — Dec 2018

Cronocromo belongs to «Jardín Cosmopolita», the fourth edition of the Luces de barrio artistic intervention program.

It explores the chromatic and aromatic spectra that flowering cycles incorporate into our environments. This artistic simulation models the vegetation of the city as a single interconnected organism that is born and evolves to open in explosions of color that change throughout the months of the year. In this way, from the acceleration of the slow plant evolution emerges a cyclical vital beat rarely appreciable for the impatient human perception.

Luces de barrio is a project of the Seville City Council devised by Nomad Garden. In its fourth edition, it was part of the official program of the National Commission of the V Centenary of the First Tour of the World, and had the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía and the Real Alcázar de Sevilla.

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Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
Nomad Garden

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