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Nov 2017 — Actualidad

The people that integrate the MaadiX team have been working for several years on issues related to the privacy of communications, digital security and freedom of information.

MaadiX's promoter has been in charge for more than 10 years of solving the technological challenges in projects of activist sphere for the defense of digital rights. Among the challenges, to make the online tools agile, constantly updated and at the same time guarantee the operating autonomy, data security and privacy of the people active in the projects.

This daily requirement in a very digitally active and technologically demanding context, was reflected in functional and efficient infrastructures that could be easily adapted to the needs, even for people without technical knowledge. From then on, many other organizations and people got in touch to be able to use the same systems. Little by little, providing so many on a voluntary basis became unsustainable.

Thus, at the beginning of 2016, Maadix was created with the objective of giving stability to the access to these solutions, in a professional and sustainable way. The project aims to offer efficient, practical and solid technological solutions capable of guaranteeing these values to society as a whole, regardless of the technical knowledge and resources at its disposal.

Thanks to the automation of the processes of installation, maintenance and updating of Free and Open Source tools, we have made it possible to share the benefits of having independent tools, without the need for technical knowledge, in a way that is affordable to everyone.

The technology developed by MaadiX is the result of a strategic bet that matches with the values that we defended until now, which have been traditionally unattended, as a whole, by big companies.

Promoters [a-z]
Maddalena Falzioni aka Maddish

Programmer and systems administrator. Founder and director of MaadiX, a company that offers IT solutions aimed at preserving privacy, confidentiality and autonomy in the digital field.