RAMUCA is a platform of mutual support networks that emerged in Seville as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. We have supported this necessary initiative by developing the platform that serves as an information point and as a switchboard that connects offers and demands.

Software Design

Mar 2020 — Actualidad

From the Ramuca website:

“As you know, given the alert situation in which we find ourselves, a group of people are organizing ourselves to promote this network that came to light on Sunday, March 15th, immediately after the rulers decreed the state of alarm. We have been moved by the need of people to support each other, because even if they keep us isolated, we know that we are completely interdependent. Hence, different communication channels were generated through which we could provide material, technical or emotional support in a large number of cases."

We have developed the Ramuca digital platform that has served as a support switchboard for the management of the different requests for help that have arisen throughout Seville. For this, instead of making a matchmaking platform that visualizes offers and demands (like other platforms with the same objective), we have developed a very simple system that uses the Open Street Maps geocoding api to locate the closest support network, contacting it either by email or through a telegram bot in an automated way.

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RAMUCA es una agrupación de Redes de Apoyo Mutuo surgidas en Sevilla a raíz de la crisis del Coronavirus