The Maverick City

The Maverick City is an international symposium on collective building of the city, organized by We Make Places in Liverpool. There we talked about the concept of 'free architecture'.

Workshops and presentations

— Jun 2016

We were invited to the 2016 edition, where we talked about 'free architecture': about how the practices of collective design of urban space can be conceptualized from the theoretical framework of free software (not open source!).

We were affortunate of sharing space with admirable projects such as those of Todo por la Praxis or Cascoland by Roel Schoenmakers (an impressive community bakery project that was energetically self-sufficient), as well as with the interesting interventions of Julia Heslop, Evert Verhagen and our host and friend, Kate Stewart who was telling us about the beautiful Flyover project, a proposal to recover an abandoned viaduct and transform it into a high-rise community-driven public space in the city of Liverpool.

Promoters [a-z]
We Make Places

We Make Places is a Community Interest Company, based in Liverpool, UK which is writing, living and delivering a manifesto for change across the built environment. And they're really charming people.