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Apr 2018 — Actualidad

From the text «The Middle of Transversal Texts. Program of a Becoming That Never Wants to become a Publishing Company»:

«The publishing industry is in a fundamental crisis. In its final hours it is beginning to lash out, but only hits itself. Every bit of potentially salable goods is contractually bound by copyright, dissected and valorized piece by piece. The classical formats of knowledge production and distribution are in turmoil, and with them also the traditional rituals of evaluating competence. The radical questioning of authorship, massive attacks on the standards for measuring knowledge, overflowing discussions about plagiarism are unsettling the management. As much as academic apparatuses and cultural industries wrestle with conformity, the traditional forms of knowledge production remain just as incompatible with the new media conditions as with future emancipatory concatenations of writing, translating and publicly negotiating publications. And that which has become hegemonic about mechanisms of exclusion – peer reviews, impact factors, ranking, rigid copyright regimes – results in an increasing pressure to domesticate styles, forms and formats, to valorize and self-valorize – and thus in the obliteration of the power of invention...

...Our practice of the commons, of anti-copyright and copyleft is intended to develop exemplary technical and organizational solutions and make them available for copying, adaptation and viral distribution. transversal texts is a text machine and abstract machine at once, territory and stream of publication, production site and platform – the middle of a becoming that never wants to become a publishing company.»

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Wolfie Christl

Wolfie Christl is a technologist, researcher, writer, educator, and digital rights activist based in Vienna, Austria.

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