Wikihousing Barcelona

A platform to stimulate the participation in the Wikihousing project, a participatory process for the sustainable construction of public housing for young people in Barcelona.

Jan 2022 — Actualidad

WikiHousing Barcelona is a housing access solution for young people in Barcelona, that has won the BIT Habitat Ciutat Proactiva 2021 call. This one-year adventure will culminate in the co-design, self-construction and co-management of a real prototype of affordable housing and ecological for young people. A catalog of open source solutions to be reproduced in other places and a commitment to certified training, innovation in sustainable architecture and the dissemination of knowledge.

The WikiHousing platform supports the project participation process and contains different auxiliary tools. It is the latest version of a series of support tools for the participation we have developed for different urban and architectural projects, almost always in the company of Straddle3.

Promoters [a-z]
Equipo ATRI

A big multidisciplinary team energized by David Juárez Latimer-Knowles, David Bravo and Álex Giménez.


Active group in Barcelona since 1998 that works on issues of architecture and the city from autonomy and direct action.