Documentation platform of ATRI, an experimental strategy that aims to explore alternative ways to increase the public housing stock in the city of Barcelona in a quantitative and qualitative way.

Apr 2017 — Jun 2017

In many cities, the consolidated fabrics still have many gaps available. These are detrimental to the city because they are diminishing its compactness but at the same time represent an opportunity to increase the public housing stock in central locations.

The #ATRI strategy proposes a method of "urban dentistry" that understands these voids as cavities that eat away at teeth and proposes filling them with residential "fillings."

The #ATRI strategy is committed to a construction system that redistributes wealth and opportunities among the little hands that make up the productive fabric. This dry construction system will make it possible to put into play the capacities of various professional agents and of the users themselves. ATRI also proposes to operate as a vector that helps create employment and recover a productive sector affected by the crisis.

It would be about using investment and public contracting in the construction of endowment housing to carry out an industrial policy aimed at strengthening the smaller social-business fabric that is rooted in the territory.

In collaboration with [a-z]

Active group in Barcelona since 1998 that works on issues of architecture and the city from autonomy and direct action.

Promoters [a-z]
Equipo ATRI

A big multidisciplinary team energized by David Juárez Latimer-Knowles, David Bravo and Álex Giménez.