Inteligencias Colectivas

We have renewed the Collective Intelligence platform, a project that promotes diversity, hybrid solutions, and the resilience of miscegenation, through collaborations between diverse agents.


Jan 2023 — Actualidad

Every region of the world has its own variety of construction techniques. The coexistence of different degrees of industrialization and development allows the mixing of semi-industrial products with old and enduring techniques that remain valid in non-standard environments. Thus, many constructive solutions without a proper architectural planning pervade, generating a very wide range of procedures which are based in a popular and inherited wisdom, but also revised and combined with a great deal of improvisation in terms of new materials and techniques.

Inteligencias draws its inspiration from this very source in order to create a meeting point and a free database of collective constructive details taken from real examples of non-standard intelligent constructions.

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Inteligencias Colectivas

Inteligencias Colectivas is a project promoted by the collective Zoohaus in collaboration with a diverse network of agents and institutions.