Inter-action Room

A space for exchange and participation for the festival of artistic interventions Dark Matter Games (Venice).

Art installations

May 2017 — May 2017

Dark Matter Games is a "festival of artistic interventions and social commitments", that was held in Venice, from May 11th to 15th, 2017. The event was curated by S.a.L.E. Docks workspacebrussels. They developed and presented more than 25 artistic practices that take social interaction and transdisciplinarity as their starting point.

Among these interventions, Inter-action Room was the proposal of Straddle3 andt/ejido. This interaction space presented some of the platforms developed by the Collective Architectures, and it was deployed as an area of ​​physical and digital exchange and participation.

We were in the great space of S.a.L.E. Docks, (the Magazzini Del Sale, in front of the Giudecca Island) presenting GRRR and Public Space Tools, two digital tools that promote participation, the right to public space and the exchange of materials.

Besides the permanent installation in the form of a 'medialab' of the network, we participated in two specific inter-actions, the first in collaboration with Einat Tuchman (Molenbeek, Brussels) and the second with Melih Kiraç (Istanbul).

In collaboration with [a-z]

Active group in Barcelona since 1998 that works on issues of architecture and the city from autonomy and direct action.

Promoters [a-z]
Sale Docks

Espacio independiente para las artes contemporáneas fundado en 2007 por un grupo de activistas que okuparon uno de los Magazzini del Sale, un espacio en desuso en el corazón de Venecia.