Public Space Tools

PST is a digital tool to equip ourselves when it comes to intervening in public space. It is intended to be a mean of spreading alerts and complaints about abuses of power; as well as good ideas and procedures, paying special attention to legal conditions.

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Sep 2014 — Actualidad

PST was one of the proposals selected in the Idea Camp 2014 of the European Cultural Foundationand is a continuation of the Arquitecturas Colectivas working group responsible for the «Public Space Activation Guides». It is a project initially promoted by Straddle3, which we soon joined as fellow travelers.

This work has consisted, on the one hand, in the creation of a digital platform and, on the other, in the celebration of multiple workshops that have taken place throughout Europe, in which we have been shaping the objectives and tactics of the project (in Rotterdam, Athens , Sofia, Chisinau, Los Santos de Maimona, Madrid or Barcelona).

PST aims to support the efforts of the various groups and collectives committed to the citizen's claim for public space as a commons, willing to fight for it and enjoy it collectively. The project is in continuous development and we welcome comments and criticisms. We are currently developing its version 2.0, thanks among others, to the concession of a work residence in Belgrade, granted by the related entity Ministartvo Postora('Ministry of Space').

Promoters [a-z]

Active group in Barcelona since 1998 that works on issues of architecture and the city from autonomy and direct action.


Andalusian tech coop. This website is about them..